Alex Drachnik

Alex is an LA-based comedy TikToker, content creator, DJ & online fitness coach. She's known for portraying her alter ego character 'Sasha the Russian' in her series "American. vs. Russian" on TikTok. Across social media, Alex's content ranges from fitness to comedy and everything in between. While TikTok showcases the comedic side of Alex, on IG you'll find fitness content with IG Reels that generate an average of about 100k - 5.5million views per video.
Brand Name
Pilot Pen
Campaign Date
January 13, 2022
About the Campaign
Alex takes the #mybiggestfears challenge to promote Pilot Pen
@drachnik x Pilot Pen


#ad What's your biggest fear?! Take the #mybiggestfears challenge! @Pilot Pen#powertothepen#officesupply#target#tiktokmademebuyit

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#powertothepen #officesupply #target #tiktokmademebuyit #mybiggestfears
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