Amber Calderon

Amber is mom to a toddler & wife to a soldier. She love all things from skincare to fashion to plants and strives to focus on being authentic & relatable.
Brand Name
Fiwotttda Air purifier
Campaign Date
January 7, 2022
About the Campaign
Amber takes to IG to promote the Fiwotttda Air purifier
@amberlatricexo x Fiwotttda


New Year calls for clean air! 🍃

This @fiwotttdaair Air purifier is the absolute best I’ve ever tried! It covers a large room and helps to reduce 99.97% of pet hair, odor, & smoke.

My favorite feature about it is that it’s AUTOMATIC. For example it was at a normal low setting of 2 and then Jake cooked dinner & the kitchen got a little smokey 🤪 this bad boy kicked right in on a higher setting and not only removed the smoke but the cooking smell too!

This is a must have in the home especially if you’re going to welcome a new little one! 🤞🏽I’ll have a link in my stories as well as my Amazon store if you want to take a look! ✨Do you have an air purifier? 👀

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