Amy Davidson

A veteran TV Actress, Amy Davidson has seamlessly navigated the worlds of both comedy and drama with her undeniable talent and vivacious personality. Born in Phoenix, AZ, she studied dance as a child but soon discovered her true passion was acting. As a result of her dedication and perseverance, she soon began what would be a long and fruitful relationship with television. Always ready for her next challenge, Amy continues to stretch her limits in every medium.
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January 15, 2022
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Amy teams up with Dearfoams
@amy_davidson x Dearfoams


Papa bear, mama bear and lil bear.🐻🐻🐻 I can’t imagine it any other way. Just call us the three little bears! How many little bears are in your family? Should we add another little bear to our family?! 😳 If I could count the times people ask me that question…Still undecided! It WOULD be pretty cute to add a fourth pair of these adorable @dearfoams slippers to our family, though… 🤔Clearly I go back and forth on the subject all the time! 😅 For now, three pairs are perfect for our family…And they are the most comfortable slippers I’ve ever owned! Trust me, this mama has worn many, MANY slippers over the years! Tag your mama bear, papa bear OR lil bear! Let them know I have a discount code for 25% your @dearfoams order! My Promo Code is: AMYD25 **You will find the LINK in my stories and bio! 🥿👍🏻

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