Derek Fisher

Derek Lamar Fisher is an American basketball coach and former NBA Champion player who is currently the head coach and the general manager for the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA.
Brand Name
Basketball Stars (Miniclip)
Campaign Date
July 1, 2016
About the Campaign
Using influencer whitelisting to tap into new audiences
One of the first whitelisted ads ever!

Miniclip was one of our first brand partners. They came to us looking to lower their CPI on sports related audiences for their new sports game Basketball Stars. Since this was pure performance related, we recommended they try a brand new ad unit that Facebook had just announced at F8 a couple months prior called 'dark posting'. This is where the advertiser could use a different page other than their own to run ads through on Facebook and Instagram plus target that page's audience.

Given their new game was basketball related, our talent Derek Fisher made the most sense. We worked with the Miniclip creative team to create some ads that would resonate with Derek's audience and other basketball fans. Miniclip was very pleased with the campaigns results and went on to use many other sports related talent. These ads became one of the first ever influencer driven 'white listed' ads ever launched on Facebook and Instagram!

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