Alex Drachnik

Alex is an LA-based comedy TikToker, content creator, fitness model & online fitness coach. She's known for portraying her alter ego character 'Sasha the Russian' in her series "American. vs. Russian" on TikTok.
Brand Name
Current Bank
Campaign Date
July 10, 2021
About the Campaign
Sasha uses one bank to help secure the bag!
Alex x Current Bank

Alex teamed up with Current Bank to produce an on-brand in-feed video that showcased Sasha, her fictional TikTok character.

Alex's main demographic is 25-34 year olds and that matched up perfectly with the audience Current was looking to tap into. Alex did an amazing job showcasing all of Current's main features while staying in her normal character. This is another great example of how to blend a brand integration seamlessly into a creator's feed.

The video performed well producing 61,000+ views, 6,000+ likes and 50+ comments.

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Alex Current Bank
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