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FamePick Series 17: Celebrity Activism

This week, we’re focused on celebrities who use their star power for social causes. From ocean conservation, to political campaigns, and mental health awareness, this countdown of celebrity endorsements have definitely made an impact for these non-profits!

#10 Celebrities + Strawless Ocean

Cause – Ocean Conservation

#9 Celebrities + Demand a Plan

Cause – Ending Gun Violence

#8 Mads Mikkelsen + Climate Action

Cause: Climate Change Awareness

#7 Celebrities + Save the Day

Cause: Voter Awareness

#6 Celebrities + Global Goals

Cause: Sustainable Development

#5 Celebrities + Red

Cause: HIV and Aids Support

#4 Duke of Cambridge, David Beckham and Yao Ming + WildAid

Cause: Rhino Poaching & Extinction Awareness

#3 Celebrities +

Cause: Ending Poverty

#2 Michael Phelps + Talkspace

Cause: Mental Health Awareness

#1 Julia Roberts + Conservation International & Nature is Speaking

Cause – Ocean Conservation