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Not your typical influencer marketing.

We run specialized paid campaigns that leverage celebrities’ social media fan bases. Our ads are posted by celebrity profiles, and target fans most likely to purchase your products/services.

Matching Engine

Our proprietary algorithm analyzes hundreds of social data points to find the best celebrity match for your brand.

Celebrity Content

Celebrity content + FamePick profile endorsement outperforms 95% of regular ad content on Facebook & Instagram.

Profile Endorsement

A celebrity’s social profile adds instant credibility to ads in the news feed and increases brand awareness to any product.

Custom Audiences

FamePick is one of the only platforms in the world that lets you directly target all of a celebrity’s fans for paid campaigns.

Celebrity Endorsement on Social Media

Celebrity endorsement has been very effective on traditional media (TV/Print/Radio) for over a century. But the process to secure  endorsements is complicated and only a fraction of companies are able to afford it. We created FamePick to solve this problem and bring the incredible benefits of celebrity endorsement into the digital age, starting with social media.


How Does FamePick Work?

The FamePick platform is built to layer right on top on Facebook Business Manager. Making running campaigns easy and seamless. Take a look at our demo video to a full overview of the platform.

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Ready to Start a Campaign?

Use the button below to request a demo of the FamePick platform and someone from our awesome sales team will get back to you within a few hours.

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