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FP Series 15: October 29, 2018 – November 4, 2018

Adalaide Kane’s streak continues with her Fashionnova campaign in our FamePick ‘Top 10 Instagram Ads’ Series. She now holds the record for most consecutive appearances. With holiday shopping coming up, auto ads are on the rise!

Fashion 4 / Auto 3 / Tech 1  / Beauty 1 / Travel 1

Ongoing Campaigns: Airbnb, Amazon, Asics, Fiat, Fashionnova, Moda Fashion

#1 Sadie Sink + Hourglass Cosmetics: 743K+ Likes

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#2 Vanessa Hudgens + Amazon (Prime): 334.3K Likes

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#3 Emma Roberts + Fiat: 322.4K Likes

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#4 Johnny Orlando + Hudson’s Bay: 277K Likes

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#5 Raj Kummar Rao + Airbnb: 221.8K Likes

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#6 Ludovica Pagani + Leo Vince: 211.6K Likes

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#7 Adelaide Kane + Fashionnova: 222.8K Likes

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Business time 💪🏻 @fashionnova #spon

A post shared by Adelaide Kane (@adelaidekane) on

#8 Lorena Improta + Moda Fashion: 184.7K Likes

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#9 Anitta (Larissa Machado) + Renault Brasil: 170.5K Likes

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#10 Tessa Brooks + Asics: 164.2K Likes

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