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A new era hybrid talent agency designed to help creators build & grow their personal businesses.
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How does FamePick help you as a creator?

Longer & more lucrative paid brand deals

Create & maintain a professional Link in Bio & Media Kit

Add additional creator revenue streams

Help you connect and grow your fanbase across multiple networks

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Brands from Every Industry

More Brand Deals!

Influencer Campaigns have grown 154% since the COVID19 pandemic started, meaning brands are making up for lost marketing budgets earlier in the year. We expect this to continue well through 2021.
  • We have been negotiating and executing influencer campaigns for 5+ years. Working with 250+ different brands and generated over $10m+ for our talent!
  • We have the largest influencer brand database in the world...currently 5,000+ brands and counting.
  • Outreach to dozens of brands on your behalf every month.
  • Offer additional campaign options (ad whitelisting,  to brands to increase overall deal value.
  • Price your content offerings accordingly so you maximize every deal.

Additional Revenue Streams

Over 150 new platforms have launched in the last 3 years designed to help creators make money. Researching all of them to find the best solution for your business will take you hundreds of hours. Let our team handle it for you!
  • Setup Collab Me, a new invite-only feature from FamePick that allows you to collaborate and monetize with your fans!
  • Exclusive affiliate deals from our 1,000+ affiliate partners.
  • Research and recommend additional areas to maximize your creator revenue like Fan Collaborations, Digital Appearances, Giveaways, etc.

Connect & Grow Your Fanbase

To lock in bigger, longer term deals, brands want to know you can be trusted and deliver the campaign objectives. That all starts with a professional media kit.
  • Analyze your audience to help identify your super fans. Super fans are the driving force behind every popular creator.
  • Outreach to your superfans on your behalf to get them to organically drive new followers for you.
  • Optimize your social profiles and LinkFolio to drive traffic to all your social social profiles.

Let's work together

Well over the last five years we have been immersed in the creator space, soaking up everything we can. We know both sides of the industry and want to help creators get to the next level!