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A new non-exclusive management service for digital creators! You can think of it as management on-demand, a manager when you need one!
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What is the FamePick Collective?

We are redefining what it means to be represented by a talent agency in the new era of the creator economy. No long contract lengths or exclusivity and more flexibility. We are looking to empower creators and influencers with the guidance and support of a team that’s been in the industry since 2015.

Maximized brand partnerships

Our sales team will work for you, bringing you higher-end deals. Not to mention, as an FP Collective talent, you’re made a priority on the FamePick platform in upcoming campaigns from our brand partners.

Contract Negotiations & Campaign Management

Negotiating, planning, execution, and monitoring of any deals we bring you. You’ll have the support of your Talent Manager working with you along with our Sales team.

A non-exclusive commitment

This means more flexibility! Signing with us means our service fee only applies to deals we secure for you. That’s it! Anything you secure through another agency, brand, or platform is yours.

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Who is the FP Collective for?

Whether you are an established creator looking for a team to manage your business or a micro-influencer seeing a high volume of partnership inquiries, let’s partner together and take your creator career to the next level.

The FP Collective is great for creators and influencers that are seeing a large volume of inbound brand collaborations, have a great sense of their personal brand and have enviable thumb-stopping content and engagement.

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